Creativity Blooms at The Shed in Whitehill & Bordon

Visitors to The Shed may have noticed the newest artistic addition displayed on the walls – an amazing piece of art by local artist Sian Storey. WBRC tasked Sian with creating a mural to bring together several important elements of the developing town and the artwork now proudly sits at the heart of The Shed.

Sian is based in Basingstoke, and it was her vibrant, urban street art which attracted The Shed’s attention. Her pieces are full of life and colour and depict natural items such as birds and plants, with what she describes as, ‘a dreamlike and ethereal twist.’ Her work has been featured in The Metro newspaper, as well as on the BBC website.  In 2014, her work for Transport for London was exhibited in Trafalgar Square and in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

We found out a little more about her…

What inspires you and your art?

“My paintings are inspired by the beauty of nature. I infuse birds and wildlife with blossom and wildflowers, using an ethereal palette of colours and paint mists. We can all find solace in nature – and the symbolism of nature.

I also love to travel, absorbing the flora, colour and patterns of new places. Japan, in particular, inspires a lot of my work – that blend of vibrancy and zen.

When I travel I love seeking out the local street art too – finding art in unexpected places, exploring new areas, and coming home feeling freshly inspired.


Which local flora and fauna feature in your artwork?

The design is inspired by the local nature and heritage of Bordon and Whitehill. At the centre of the mural is a majestic horse, which is loosely based on the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers logo – The Shed wanted to include that proud connection to the local community.

Surrounding the horse are colourful birds commonly spotted in Hampshire – a kingfisher, robin, blue tit, nuthatch and woodpecker.  The flora is all inspired by the heathland in Bordon and Whitehill, in particular heather, which is abundant in the area. And I included some dragon flies, which can be spotted on the local heathland too.


What about Whitehill & Bordon and The Shed in particular made you want to display your work here?

I was approached by The Shed to paint a mural – they’d seen my work on Instagram, and had a big blank wall that was crying out for some vibrant art. So, as I live close I went over for a quick recce of the venue. As soon as I stepped into the space I knew this project felt right.

The Shed is a bustling hub, filled with street food, craft beer, coffee shops and independent businesses. But what struck me most was how much the local community were embracing the venue as their own. From parent and toddler groups, to workers with their laptops and coffee, and friends catching up over lunch, there’s a real buzz about the place.  So I instantly understood the role my mural would play in The Shed – it had to be something the community would be proud of. Plus the noodles there are really good!


How did you get started, and what advice would you give to local budding artists who would like to have a career like yours?

I’ve been a professional artist for a few years now, but it was a long journey of working a full time teaching job, and building my art business on the side. I have a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art, and it was always my ambition to become a professional artist, so I dedicated all my spare time to it. Literally, I spent every evening and weekend developing my art business. So my advice is, there are no short cuts, it takes time, but if you want it enough, and you love it enough, you’ll make it happen.


Which other Hampshire based artists do you admire? 

I’m a fan and friend of local artist Kev Munday. He creates colourful, playful worlds which you can get lost in for hours. Our styles are at completely different ends of the art spectrum, but he always inspires me to go bigger and better. I also admire My Dog Sighs from Portsmouth – I love how he’s taking art to the public and making them notice. That’s what art should be about.

Artist in Residence at The Shed

Sian’s art has now inspired The Shed to think more about promoting local artistry.  A dedicated space is being created, where local artists and artisans can take residency for a period of time to create, display and sell their work.

If you are a creative person and want to find out more about how you could get involved? Contact The Shed at

To see more of Sian’s work visit @sianstoreyart