Hampshire hub gives youths a helping hand.

Asking a 16-year-old to ‘pick a career’ to do for the rest of their lives, seems like an odd concept, but all around the UK we ask our young people to make these life-changing decisions daily. With careers advice, apprenticeships, internships, and T-Levels a minefield; how can we make sure our youngsters are picking the right path, and most importantly, are staying in their hometown to ensure local economy thrives?

We have invested millions to make sure that young people in this once military dominated town, are flooded with career opportunities.

Growing the town

With a village feel in a town-like setting, local cottage industry businesses are at the forefront of this new development. Martinique House, is now home to some fantastic local companies including a global engineering research company, small-batch gin distillery and an artist.

Teens and young adults in the area have previously sought employment in neighbouring towns, relying on parents and public transport to help achieve their goals. But, with the introduction of the development, learning and employment opportunities have increased. Since the project began in 2015, the Whitehill and Bordon Regeneration Company pledged to create one job for every home built, a target they are currently exceeding.

The Shed, now housing 13 small business offices, provides multiple jobs in the F&B industry. This, accompanied with the new leisure centre, brings the total to more than 100 jobs in this small area alone, with this increasing to 650 once the main town centre venues open.


Apprenticeships are also a focus in this growing town, with more than 40 individuals supported to date. These range from construction skills to theatre technician, cementing The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre as an integral part of the developing town. The Future Skills Centre, a new £3.8million purpose-built facility, also offers a wide range of construction courses, allowing individuals to explore a multitude of skills and career opportunities within their own town.

Echoing the sentiment of the original Bordon inhabitants, the REME tradesmen; whose motto is Soldier First, Tradesman Always, the town is now perfectly combining community with economy.

Skills workshop

The town is holding it’s first skills workshop on the 26th February, encouraging young people who are looking to kickstart their career, to come and have a go. Unlike a traditional career’s fayre, businesses will be allowing everyone to try a new skill or listen to great advice from those in the know.

From the music industry to graphic design, first aid to firefighting, there’s something for every interest.

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