Across the road from The Shed, visitors will have noticed the Sandhurst Art Installation coming to life. Especially those who came to watch the Euros semi-finals, when Shiraaz Ali’s artwork provided the beautiful backdrop for England’s win on Wednesday 7 July.

For those visiting for the first time, it will be hard to miss the incredible artwork by Open Call winner Shiraaz Ali blooming across the old army barracks over the road from The Shed.

The Sandhurst Block Art Installation was born through a desire to provide meaningful cultural and artistic impact during the regeneration process of Whitehill & Bordon Town Centre. The landmark Sandhurst Block is the last phase of the town centre development. A significant element of the building – the ‘H’ block at its heart – is being retained due to its historical significance. From now until completion, the H block will be visible to the rest of the town centre, and Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company looked to dress the building during this time with a public art installation that reflects the history and vision of the project.

An important part of Shiraaz Ali’s vision is that the artwork is in part designed by the people it is made for. The planned artwork features over 50 panels created by the Whitehill & Bordon community. Using paint, pencils, collage, photography or any other medium, local residents became part of the vision and made a mark on their community by submitting their artwork to be included.

The artwork wrapping the buildings wings takes most of its inspiration from observing Hogmoor and its many beautiful, unique qualities such as the native animal and plant species. The façades represent the beauty within Hampshire and its local animals such as the deer, owl, goats and many more. The living vertical green wall and artworks create a new urban green node and acts as a green pathway connecting the new local amenities such as the Mess hall, The Shed and to the surrounding Prince Phillip park and Woolmer forest. The intention through the designs is to celebrate Whitehill & Bordon and honour Mother Nature to help create a greener, vibrant and more peaceful future for this ‘town of tomorrow’.

Come along to The Shed and see the amazing art installation for yourself!