Sandhurst Block Art Installation

The Sandhurst Block Art Installation, noticed by visitors across from The Shed, was brought to life. England’s win on Wednesday 7 July was beautifully backed by Shiraaz Ali’s artwork.

The incredible artwork by Open Call winner Shiraaz Ali can’t be missed at the old army barracks across from The Shed, especially for first-time visitors.

Meaningful cultural and artistic impact is the desire behind the Sandhurst Block Art Installation during the regeneration process of Whitehill & Bordon Town Centre. Retaining the historical ‘H’ block is significant for the landmark Sandhurst Block, the last phase of town centre development.

Shiraaz Ali’s vision involves the community in the design of the artwork. Over 50 panels created by the Whitehill & Bordon community are featured, allowing residents to make their mark on the community by submitting their artwork.

Inspired by Hogmoor and its unique qualities, the artwork on the building’s wings represents Hampshire’s beauty and its local animal species, such as deer, owls, and goats. The living vertical green wall and artworks connect local amenities and create a green pathway.

Witness the amazing art installation for yourself at The Shed